Jan Wolter's Free Unix Software

This directory contains various free Unix software packages written by or supported by Jan Wolter. For most of these packages, there are pages that give loads of information about them which you should be looking at instead of this directory.

Backtalk is a conferencing system. Booktalk, bubblegum, cinnamon, fronttalk, gumball, papaya, vanilla, and wasabi are various modules used with backtalk. is used with fronttalk.

Mod_auth_external and mod_authnz_external are authentication modules for use with apache.

Pwauth is a unix authenticator often used with mod_auth_external or mod_authnz_external.

Party is chat room software from the days before the web.

Orville-write is an alternative to the unix write command.

Cursive is a very old cursive text generator.

XAP/1 was an assembly planner written for my PhD thesis.